Advanced Rooftop Controls

Use less energy and save on your own equipment

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Advanced Rooftop Controls typically go on Rooftop HVAC units or RTUs. In the case of e2o Energy and as defined by the US Dept of Energy, it is:

  • A way of adding “free cooling”. In the case of equipment, it, is adding an outside air economizer.
  • Adding a VFD or Variable frequency Drive.
  • Adding a Co2 Sensor.
  • Adding an Energy Management System to control these items above.

If it sounds complicated, it isn't. All these benefits run by itself off your handheld device, a wall mounted unit, or your computer. And is no more difficult than a 7-day programmable thermostat.

Most utility companies HIGHLY incentivize these programs. e2o Energy specializes on these programs because they highly benefit our customers. And there are many incentives that allow for most of this equipment to be paid for by the utility company!

What Happens When Advanced Rooftop Controls are Added?

Adding an outside air economizer: Have you ever been in your home and you opened a window because the air outside was nicer than the air inside? That’s what an economizer does for your commercial building. It allows fresh outside filtered air to be cooling your space instead of stating your air conditioning.

Adding a VFD to the blower fan motor: Each time the fan starts, that is known as a “Hard Start”. With a VFD, it allows the motor to slowly scroll up and down each time. This results in a much smaller AMP draw and allows for better comfort and savings.

Adding a Co2 Sensor: This is an information device that acts with the EMS system to allow it to determine when the economizer is to open and close.

Adding an Energy Management System (EMS): We add a systems to run the controls of the RTU much like a thermostat.

Energy Savings & Maintenance Savings

When the economizer opens the compressor(s) do not start. When no compressors are on, no energy is used for this purpose. If no compressors are on, there is less use and they last longer.

When the VFD’s controls the blower motors, all “Hard Starts” are eliminated. When there are no hard starts, it means there are less AMP draw. If there is less Amp draw, there is less energy used. The result – the motor lasts longer.

Let’s make your life easy with an Energy Management System. After you set your thermostat, you pretty much forget it unless you are uncomfortable.

You can customize your settings to your needs and wants – all on a handheld device. If you can use a 7-day programmable thermostat, you can easily manage customization. It is that simple. Use less energy and save on your own equipment.