Demand Response Program

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Demand Response Programs from SRP and APS provide an opportunity for commercial, institutional, industrial, educational and municipal organizations to earn incentive payments while helping maintain reliable electricity.

When the demand for electricity approaches critical peak levels, utilities and grid operators dispatch Enel X's demand response network, which is made up of local organizations that have agreed to reduce energy usage during times of high demand. Program participants earn payments for agreeing to be on standby and for curtailing electricity consumption in response to high electricity demand.

e2o Energy assists on getting current utility customers on the program by showing them the savings and the credits they can receive.

It Pays to Conserve

In addition to earning payments for participating, your business can enjoy the following benefits:

No-cost, no-risk earnings: Participate with peace of mind — Utility companies develops energy reduction plans to help participants earn payments without making any upfront investment.

Grid reliability: By alleviating pressure on the grid, your demand response participation plays a critical role in making the electric grid operate more efficiently, helping to lower costs for all SRP customers.

More resilient operations: Demand Response Program participants receive advance notice of potential disturbances on the grid, enabling them to prepare their facilities proactively.